Week 1 of Performance Media

Introduction of Module: Performance Media and Installation Art

Rather interesting and not what I expected at all. I figured I would be doing something very much related to fine arts, and like make use of painting, and having to build actual installation art pieces.

We were taught a bit on how to sell and pitch ideas, as well as comment and give opinions on retail space.

We did a survey on what our ideal retail experience would be like and had to summarise them into 3 categories:
1. What do we like about the store?
2. What do we dislike about the store?
3. What can be done to improve the experience?

I answered :
1. I like a wide variety of items to be in stock
2. I dislike unfriendly and unhelpful staff
3. A more proactive staff to customer experience.

Our homework for the week was to go to Marina Bay Sands and recce about 5 stores that piqued our interest. E.g.
Starbucks Reserve

And whatever store caught our attention.

Me and my groupmates: Vevina, Ker Xuan, and Andrea, went to Aesop and Gentle Monster. These were our combined feedback.

What we liked:
The place was small yet neatly organized -Ker Xuan
Lack of music presence but it does smell nice -Andrea
I like the way the products are being displayed along with their packaging-Me
I like the minimalistic approach they chose as well as the simplistic colours used -Vevina

What we didn’t like:
Products are pretty expensive -All in agreement

What could be improved:
I felt that due to it being covid, we couldn't fully experience and test out the products and the customer service. The sinks were inoperable and the staff only talked to us out of necessity due to safe distancing measures.

Gentle Monster
What we liked:
Liked the variety of interesting eyewear designs on sale-Ker Xuan
Music ambience was very fitting and goes along with the installations and aesthetic-Andrea
The installations were very weird and mesmerizing-Me
I like that part of the store's identity was in the art installations and they were intriguing-Vevina

What we didn’t like:
Everything is still pretty expensive -All in agreement

What could be improved:
No comment. A place that has abstract art built in as a form of marketing, honestly whatever comment i could give would be redundant.

Week 1 summary

It was fun having to go out and experience and have a better understanding of how to look out and appreciate details clearer